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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  June 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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do you hear me? do you hear me? >> yes, ma'am. >> i mean it, deshawn. >> can i turn...back? >> yes. yes. yes. ms. graham, it's probably just those thug friends that he's been hanging out with. >> oh, you don't have to tell me. that's why i'm here, ms. payne. i have an idea. sfx: music vo: welcome to boot camp old navy. where kid's active shorts are $6. adults just $8. and women's compression crops $15. so hit the showers! run in now for up to 40% off active by old navy.
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>> sit down. ms. graham tells me that you have missed school for 3 days. >> well, two of those days, i was at school. i just didn't go to her class. >> ooh. >> [ sighs ] >> deshawn. >> hey, baby. >> hey, babe. >> hey, deshawn. >> yes, sir. >> oh, come on! what'd he do?! >> this is ms. graham, deshawn's science teacher. seems as though deshawn has been
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cutting class. >> really? >> yes, cutting class. >> okay, i'll get the belt. >> that's not my first choice. >> it's a good thing your choice don't matter here. >> please. let's just listen. >> okay, i'm listening. >> so what do i got -- detention? i mean, i can do 3 days standing on my head. >> show some respect. show some respect. >> the principal recommended expulsion... >> expulsion? no. >> but i convinced him to give you another chance. >> oh, thank you. >> we're gonna be putting you with the gifted program. >> oh, not those geeks, man. that is some bull-- >> say it, and i'll drop you like a greasy glass. >> ms. graham, do you really think that deshawn will fit in? >> oh, yes. deshawn has a lot of potential. >> i know that. >> and if he applies himself, he'll do very well. that's why i want to put him
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with new teachers in a different building and with different friends. >> but i ain't gonna fit in with those dorks, you know? they wear uniforms and stay after school late, and they all smell like chalk. >> and they have laptops and internet access. >> so what do we have to do to get him started? >> well, there's a small fee for lab fees and field trips. >> oh, good. baby, the money that deshawn won in the backyard gambling can be put to good use. >> that ain't right. >> what? you been gambling?! >> gambling in the back. >> how much is it? >> curtis. >> can i get the belt now? >> wait until i leave. >> wait. no. don't leave. don't leave. no. wait. no, no, no, no, no. can i get a witness?! >> oh... >> ooh, this place smells like yesterday and ash. >> yeah, it just needs a little tlc. >> that's why i'm starting by hanging this picture of us back up on the wall.
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>> ohh. phew, i cannot believe that they stuffed all of this junk mail into our mailbox. >> huh. ooh, ooh, here's a letter from the insurance company. >> oh! i hope it's a check so that we can start redoing this place. >> let's see. "dear mr. and mrs. payne, we're sorry to hear about the damage done to your home due to a recent fire." >> okay, you know what, baby? baby, we should paint the living room eggshell, and then we should do an accent wall, this wall right here, okay? we're gonna do it a deep chocolate brown. >> baby, baby. "rest assured that you'll be paid accordingly." yeah. >> you know what? baby, i want to get one of those motion-detector faucet that come on and off, you know, just -- look. water on -- "choo." water off -- "choo." water on -- "choo." >> "in compliance with the policy, please find the enclosed check of $932.16"? >> $932?
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>> and 16 cents. >> okay, this must be a mistake. what about the appliances? >> "most of the damage was caused by water and smoke, not fire, therefore, not covered." >> baby... where are we gonna get a contractor for $900? [ knock on door ] >> i hear there's been fire damage. >> yeah. uh, who are you? >> i'm a contractor. i'm arizona tibbs. ha ha ha ha! you should be pleased you met me. >> arizona -- that's an interesting name. is that where you're from? >> no, that's where i was conceived. my brother's name is '58 chevy. ha! [ wheezing ] '58 chevy. well, first of all, all this has to be replaced. now, i'm gonna knock out this, and all this has to be grouted.
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>> okay, wait. hold on. how much is all of this gonna cost? >> let me see. hmm. how much you got? >> uh, $932. >> oh, and 16 cents. >> that's how much it'll cost. what a coincidence! ha ha! >> let's continue. someone who studies genes is called a -- >> a player. you know what i'm saying? a dude see a fine honey walking down the street with some tight jeans on, he gonna have to study that. [ chuckles ] >> the answer is geneticist. everybody knows that. >> everybody don't. >> everybody doesn't. >> okay, okay, okay, okay. um, here's the next one. the diagram used to predict the characteristics an offspring may inherit from his parents is called the...? >> [ scoffs ] look. all i know is, i ain't the
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daddy. ha! right? >> the diagram is called a punnett square. how did you get into this gifted program, anyway? >> oh, heh, heh, heh. your mama put in a good word for me. >> she did? >> are you even trying? did you study your diagram? >> that's right, the diagram. yeah! aah! rrr! rah! >> we'll never finish if you keep playing. >> maybe we need a break. we be doing this for, like, 7 minutes. >> we need to put in at least two hours, but in your case, you need at least two weeks. >> why don't i take those weeks to whoop your-- >> all: ooh! >> what's the oohing? who's oohing? what you oohing about? what's the ooh? what's the ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh? what's that? what you studying? >> i ain't studying nothing. i quit. >> ooh! quit?
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>> hey, baby. >> hey, baby. >> mnh-mnh. curtis, come on. tell me. why are you pacing? >> deshawn quit the gifted program. >> quit the -- baby... >> yeah. yeah. see, i don't even know -- why did we even put him in that thing? i told you it wasn't gonna work. >> baby, please. ms. graham seems to think that by putting him in this "gifted program," or "giving him a new title of gifted," it would change his perspective, babe. >> well, it didn't work, so i guess it's back to plan "b." >> curtis, please don't do that. deshawn? don't do that. >> deshawn, get out here right now! get over there and sit in that chair over there! >> deshawn baby, do you know that by quitting the program, you will be expelled? >> i don't care. it's too hard. >> "it's too hard. too hard." i'm sick of hearing that from you. you don't know nothing about too hard.
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>> you ain't been on the streets like me. >> oh, stop that crap. you're not on the streets now, deshawn, are you? >> so? it's still hard. >> boy, i'm -- >> curtis... >> what? >> you're squeezing him too hard. >> sit down. i'm gonna tell you about too hard. too hard is trying to raise a family with no education. that's too hard. too hard is having to go home and tell your family and your kids you can't feed them 'cause you can't find a paying job. that's hard. too hard is having to carry a tree on your back...20 miles, 6 years old with no shoes... >> curtis! >> ...on the dusty, rocky roads of life. >> curtis... don't do that. >> i'm just saying the trees was heavy. that's all i'm saying. >> you know what, curtis? maybe he just can't do it. maybe the courses are a bit much, and he just can't do it. >> maybe you right. that's it.
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just a bit too much for him. >> good. >> no, it ain't! it's supposed to be too much. it's the gifted program! you supposed to rise to the occasion, not stop trying. >> why should i try when all those geeks are smarter than me? >> are they smarter than you? >> i don't know. maybe. >> deshawn, come back here. why were you gambling with fixed dice? >> because i got all 5's on one die and all 6's and deuces on the second one. that mean i got a 7 or an 11 guaranteed. >> okay, so what would happen if you had 5 on 3 sides? >> then that would just cut my chances in half, giving me a 50% chance of getting a 7 or an 11. >> you just proved that you know math probabilities. >> that was easy. >> you're smarter than you think you are, deshawn.
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you just have to believe in yourself. >> you can do this, deshawn. you really can. now, you're gonna have to work hard to catch up, but you can do this. you cannot quit. >> okay. i'll go call them geeks and figure out when the next study group is. >> [ chuckles ] oh. i think he's gonna be okay, curtis. i really do. >> i'm too old for this. >> i said bring the oil, not the foil! >> hey, arizona. >> hey. wasn't expecting you back so soon. >> yeah, we can, uh, see that. >> we thought you would be further than this. >> me too.
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>> phew. >> are these your workers? >> yep. >> you got to be kidding me. >> look. for $4,000, i could've had a full crew, but for $932... >> and 16 cents. >> get uncle toot and ferguson. >> okay, wait. do you even have a license? >> no, but ferguson is driving. >> honey, we need to get rid of him, and we need to get someone else in here. >> baby, we already paid them a deposit. we might as well let them do the job and get out of here. >> did he touch you? >> no, he, um... >> did he pinch you? >> oh, goodness, he pinches, too? >> uncle toot, how many times do i have to tell you that no means no? >> [ crying ] >> arizona, i think ferguson is
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crying. >> ferguson, what is wrong with you?! fine. you can go to lunch today. go. >> arizona, you got to get to cracking. you haven't done anything. i mean, the outlets, the faucet, the grout. >> hey, i apologize. those guys were very slow. let me go and get my needle-nose pliers from the truck. i'm sorry, mrs. payne. >> it's okay. i just want to get back in my house. >> ugh, i don't believe this. now it's saying, "mailbox full." >> maybe it's because of the 28 voicemail messages that you already left him. >> i can't believe he's just gonna disappear on us like that. we'll never get this place together. >> baby...yes, we will.
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because i know a guy who's dependable and affordable... and he's already started putting our house back together. >> you really think i could do it, baby? >> mm-hmm. [ glass shatters ] at least you didn't leave us hanging. >> [ pop ] >> [ laughs ] >> ♪ we're winning ♪ we're winning i see you're not grinning. >> one time. just give me one time. >> deshawn. >> wait till ain't nobody looking. >> so? all right. you had an easy question. you know what i mean? hit us, tierra. >> what state has the most counties? >> [ coughs ] massachusetts. [ coughs ] >> [ coughs ] that's not right. [ clears throat ] >> i know. the answer is texas, and fyi -- heh, heh -- georgia is number two. >> correct. >> yeah. you know what i'm saying? >> all right, team steven.
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how many planets are in our solar system? >> 9. yes. mm. >> uh, actually, dancing machine, that's not right. if team deshawn gets this one right, we're tied. >> it's actually 8. they used to think pluto was a planet, but now scientists say it's too small and made of ice. it's like a big, old snow cone. >> a snow cone? what the hell? >> that can't be right. >> bizarre, but right. >> yeah! ha ha ha! in your face, steven! ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey >> deshawn. yeah. >> come back over here. >> uh... >> okay. tiebreaker is for team deshawn. if you get this one wrong, steven's team can take it. when it comes to punnett squares... >> oh, not this again. >> is important to
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remember that the punnett squares determine the probabilities of what? >> genotypes. in your face, steven. yeah! ungh! that's right. >> you're right. team deshawn wins. >> and the crowd goes wild for desha-a-wn! whoo! oh. oh, reel it in. uh, uh. do the cat, daddy. >> willie. [ laughter ] >> i am so proud of you. we are proud of you, son. >> aw, yes, baby. we knew you could do it. >> yes. >> yeah, yes! >> uh, baby? this countertop isn't level. >> yes, it is, baby. >> i'm looking at the level. >> and i'm looking at the countertop. it's level. >> okay. as long as you don't care that our dishes are gonna slide off the slanted countertop onto the floor, i guess that's, you know, not a problem. >> baby, baby, it's not crooked. >> yes, it is.
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>> no, it's not. >> okay, baby, why can't you just call alaska? >> you mean arizona. >> well, whatever his name is. baby, here. listen. just try calling him on my cell. maybe he isn't answering because he's looking at the caller i.d., seeing your number. >> baby, i'm sure he's on his way, and i got this until he gets back. baby... i got this. if i could just figure out how to turn this thing on... there we go. yeah. >> i'll get that. you -- here. here. [ keypad beeping ] [ ringing ] [ cellphone rings ] >> "cello?" >> hey! arizona. i-it's calvin payne. are you on your way? >> no. i'm working on something. >> working on what?! >> my tan. >> what are you talking about? >> i'm in a cheap hotel in tahiti. >> a cheap hotel? >> that's all i can afford.
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you only gave me $932. >> and 16 cents. what about our condo? >> you got a condo in tahiti? >> no, our condo here. >> i don't want to stay there. that place is burned out. >> that's why we hired you to fix it. >> and i will when i get back to the u.s. >> okay, when are you getting back? hello? >> hello? >> okay, wait. no, he didn't just hang up on us. >> yeah. i guess we're on our own. [ cameras clicking, sneakers squeaking ]
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[ sirens blaring ] [ buzzer sounds ] [ gasps ] ♪ ♪ [ man ] 2 minutes left in the 4th, miami leads by 2. [ cameras clicking, sneakers squeaking ] [ sirens blaring ] [ buzzer sounds ] [ gasps ] ♪
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[ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. >> ehh! yeah, you see when i crossed old boy? >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> i shot a 3. >> do y'all want to go to the liquor store, try to hustle up some money? >> [ chuckles ] no, man. i got homework. my class going on a field trip to the aquarium tomorrow. >> a field trip? that's lame. >> yeah, man. that's wack. >> nah. that's smart. >> hey, man, do you think they'd let me go, too? >> [ sighs ] nah, man. i think there's a height requirement. i'm just playing with you. i'll ask my teacher. >> all right. >> all right, man.
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hi, my name is suzy, and i've had a stroke due to my cigarette smoking. i now need help with feeding, dressing, bathing, even going to the bathroom. sometimes it's people who work here; sometimes it's my son, daniel. my tip to you is: enjoy your independence now. you can quit. for free help,
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♪ my back is gettin' tight ♪ i'm sittin' here in traffic ♪ ♪ on the queensboro bridge tonight ♪ ♪ but i don't care, 'cause all i want to do ♪ ♪ is cash my check and drive right home to you ♪ ♪ 'cause, baby, all my life ♪ ♪ i will be drivin' home to you ♪ captioning made possible by sony pictures television i gotta tell ya, mike, that is one beautiful country club. yeah, i'm glad i could take you out, man. say, you really love your golf. well, of all the major sports, it's the closest to just sitting down. seriously, thanks again, man. yeah, well, thank you for watching our place next week while we're on vacation. that's what neighbors are for. oh, and by the way, in case of emergency, how do i turn on the hot tub? there's a dial on the wall, go to town. sweet. that resort you guys are going to sounds pretty awesome. st. croix? it's incredible.
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i'm gonna play golf in the morning, lie on the beach in the afternoon, and eat and drink all night. [envious whimper] yuspa. oh, hey, guys. how was golfing? fantastic. and f.y.i., if i ever leave you, it'll be for mike. you're free to leave at any point. [knock on door] oh, hey, deb. hi. hey, good, you guys are back. what's up? honey, i just got off the phone with claudia. craig has to fly to chicago next week for some case. what about our trip? they can't go. i can't believe it! the ostermans were supposed to go with us to st. croix. oh, that's too bad. listen, would you call the hotel and change the reservations? the package we got was for 4. oh, right. hey, listen, would you guys have any interest in coming with us? us? yeah. sure! are you sure you're not asking us 'cause we just happen to be standing here and it's awkward? no, we would love to have you.


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